ST_FB_LogoAt Strike Team, we want to solve the biggest issue in running a business: everybody is guessing.

You see, most businesses don’t know where their target market is, how to reach them, or how much to spend to get in front of them.

What’s worse; most don’t know where their users are really spending all of their time and money.

If you’re not clear on this stuff, you’re getting killed in the marketplace. It’s (unfortunately) that simple.

And don’t even get me started on web hosting. Unless your website is locked up like Fort Knox – you’re pretty much wide open to being hacked by anybody with half a clue.

You shouldn’t need to have a PhD to read your business numbers. Nor should you have to live in fear that one day your livelihood is shut down by some pimple-faced kid who decided hacking you would be a fun idea.

Our goal is to make this stuff simple.

The whole reason we exist is to give you security for your business, a strategic overview of what’s really going on within your marketplace, and the ability to make decisions with surgical precision.

And in case you’re wondering – why the military theme? Well, security, strategy and surgical precision are how the armed forces take care of their business – and these are some of the most efficient teams on the planet.

Let’s take care of your business using these battle-tested principles.